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Podcast April 28, 2010

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These are the notes and podcast that my friend Jeremy Watruba and I created. Hope everyone enjoys!


Resume Post

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Social Media Monitoring Report

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showing off my research skills 🙂 from help with my friend Jeremy Watruba


LinkedIn Profile

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LinkedIn profile

Add me on LinkedIn 🙂


Hyperlinks to blogs and FAV blog posts!

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My blog

  • This is a hyperlink to my blog. Hyperlinks make it easier to navigate to certain pages or websites on the internet.

PR connection on Sex Therapy and Sandra Bulloch

  • This was one of my favorite posts that I used for a PR connection. PR connections are an opportunity to discusses things going on in the media. May celebrities have used sex therapy as an excuse and Sandra Bulloch was the one to stand up and call it a “Cop Out.” Recently Sandra has filed for divorce because of the scandal. Story about the divorce.

What makes Viral Videos so Popular

  • This post was just something fun and it was neat seeing everyone in my social media class’ favorite videos. Sharing videos and adding humor is what makes them become so popular.

How do YOU see social media?

  • This post was cool too. I chose some of my favorite people’s definitions of social media. The catch was to define social media in 140 characters or less. After picking my favorites I was able to do my own definition.

Opitional Viral Video

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Slide Share Presentations

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