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PR connection- PR Research February 17, 2010

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Hey everyone! Here is a slide show that I did for PR Research. It just describes what a person can learn from taking a research class. I uploaded it onto SlideShare, which is a awesome site tht we have been using for Social Media. I was irst introduced to it when I completed this assignment in Research. I hope yall enjoy it!


Cover Letter and Resume Tips February 11, 2010

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In my Practicum class for Public Relations we have had to put together a resume. Everyone one day will eventually have to do this. As scary as it is everyone will have to join the “real world” at one point in time. Everyone may as well be prepared and know what they are getting themselves into. First and for most for those people who do not know what a cover letter or resume is we can start there.

Cover letter– A cover letter is what comes first in a resume packet. The cover letter explains who a person is and what they want from the company. It also explains why the person writing the cover letter is the correct person for the job. Finally, in the cover letter one should thank the respondent of the cover letter for their time.

Resume– A resume includes everything about YOU. It includes all of a person’s contact information. This is for the business to be able to respond to you, which of course is the point of giving them your cover letter. The resume will also include any job experience that a person may have. This will include any internships or jobs that one has held in the past. The extracurricular activity section should include anything that the applicant has been involved in that the company may be interested in. This is to showcase all of the talents and great opportunities a person has been involved in that show they re involved in other activities. Finally a person needs to provide references and their contact information for the business to be able to contact people that one has worked for in the past.

Starting with improving a person’s cover letter, Career builder has provided seven tips that has helped me and I will share with you.

1. Find out what your target employer’s slogan, catchphrase or mission statement is and brainstorm ways to include it in your cover letter’s introduction. This technique will quickly capture the reader’s attention, demonstrate that you are familiar with the employer and stand out from other candidates’ one-size-fits-all cover letters.

2. Add a table or two-column section that closely connects the employer’s requirements to your qualifications and professional achievements. This strategy will quickly provide the employer with concrete evidence that you’re a good fit for the job and worth learning more about.

3. Begin with a thought-provoking quote relevant to the position, the employer’s goals or your target industry. Many people love to read, share and ponder quotes. Including one in your cover letter can be a quick and effective way to engage the reader.

4. Feature a strong headline near the beginning of the cover letter. To keep it brief, yet powerful, address one of the employer’s key concerns or spotlight your expertise or an attribute that will be particularly appealing to the employer.

5. Develop your own slogan or mission statement and include it near the top of your cover letter. This technique will enhance your career brand and stand out much like a headline would. To draw even more attention to the phrase, place it inside a graphic element that is attractive and appropriate.

6. Add a “P.S.” to the end of your cover letter. Often, it’s the first thing a person will read.

7. Include testimonials about you in the body of your cover letter or in an attractive sidebar. Testimonials will emphasize your skills and achievements and support claims you make about your expertise and why you’re the best candidate for the job.

Monster had some great tips for Public Relation resumes on their website a quick recap of the six tips are:

  • Summarize Your PR Strengths
  • Emphasize Accomplishments on Your Resume
  • Highlight Public Relations Industry Experience 
  • Be Cautious If Using Gimmicks on Your Resume
  • Select the Appropriate Resume Length
  • Create a PR Resume that Represents You

There are just a summary of the tips given. To read more visit the website from the hyperlink above. I suggest everyone read more into them because they are very helpful.

Finally another thing that will really help everyone with their resume is another post added at monster.com. By looking at the sample resume for public relations everyone can look at see how resumes are suppose to be set up. I hope everyone learned somthing from this because even though I have completed a resume I even learned something! 🙂


Social Media Video-PR connection February 10, 2010

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Back in PR Research Professor Nixon showed a video that really stuck with me. The video asks the question, “Is social media a fad?” Really the video shows how much of a revolution that social media has become. It is a really cool video that illustrates the growth of social media. I think it is in everyone’s best interest to watch it if they are in the PR world. I liked it so much I even came home and showed my friends because the results are really crazy! Special thanks to Professor Nixon for introducing this video.


Blog Comments February 2, 2010

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