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Body language and non-verbal communication in an interview March 1, 2010

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Every day a person gives off a different body language to certain situations. Whether a person’s arms are crossed or they are twisting their hair, this is all part of body language. When a person is in an interview they want to appear at their best. People want the most presentable attire, but they also need to think about presenting themselves to the highest quality. To present a person to their highest quality everything about them must be included even their body language.

People all have a different conception of what is good and bad body language in order to draw the lines of what is bad I found a few examples of bad body language on Thesite.org.

 Body barriers

It’s natural to hide behind barriers when we want to protect ourselves, but an interview is not the time to come over all shy and retiring. Folding your arms across your chest conveys a nervous, negative and even aggressive attitude that will only get your interviewer marking crosses way down the clipboard. You could say the same about leg crossing, but most experts agree that it’s your upper torso that really says most about you. So aim to be open and honest, in mind and body.

Face touching

Children often cover their mouths when they’re telling lies, and this is a habit that extends into adulthood. It’s just as we get older so our body language becomes a bit more refined. Hand covering becomes nose touching or cheek brushing, but it’ll still invite suspicion on the part of your interviewer.

Shifty eyes

Don’t keep turning your attention to the floor or the ceiling. It might be a blank canvas for your thoughts, but it appears as if you’re evading a question.


You might be tempted to lose that nervous energy through the floorboards, but watching your knee bouncing up and down is one distraction your interviewer doesn’t need. If you’re really finding it hard to sit still then channel it into hand gestures that back up what you’re saying.

Lint picking

Plucking dust from your sleeves or your knees conveys an element of boredom or distrust, because in some ways it’s an excuse to form another body barrier. Even if you’re certain there’s a speck on your leg, just leave it alone. Nobody else will have noticed it but you.

Body language is not the only thing that people should look out for when they are in an interview. Body language is a type of non verbal communication. Non-verbal communication, as well as body language, can be used as a pro. If I person acts extremely professional and avoids all of the bad body language elements then they should be fine in an interview. One thing to always remember is to keep a smile on their face and a good handshake. CNN.com posted an article about how a bad handshake can make a person lose any chance of getting a job. This makes a person’s hard work go right out the window.

When it comes to smiling in an interview jobfunctions.net believes that a smile is worth a thousand words. This was mentioned in the article “15 ways to sell yourself effectively in a job interview”.

I hope that everyone has learned a thing or two about non-verbal communication in a job interview and how very important it is. It isn’t always what a person does, but the manner that they do it in.


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