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Social Media… Good for a job search? or Not? March 11, 2010

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There are many different elements that make social media both a benefit and a pitfall for someone searching for a job. Social media has created many opportunities for people and has really changed the way that we live everyday. Being a person that is going to be looking for a job in the near (too near) future I can see both the pros and cons of social media when I start to look for a job.

One social media network that can help people looking for a job is LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives people the opportunity to network with people everywhere and is free to join. According to the LinkedIn official site, “When you join, you create a profile that summarizes your professional expertise and accomplishments. You can then form enduring connections by inviting trusted contacts to join LinkedIn and connect to you. Your network consists of your connections, your connections’ connections, and the people they know, linking you to a vast number of qualified professionals and experts. Through your network you can:

  • Manage the information that’s publicly available about you as professional
  • Find and be introduced to potential clients, service providers, and subject experts who come recommended
  • Create and collaborate on projects, gather data, share files and solve problems
  • Be found for business opportunities and find potential partners
  • Gain new insights from discussions with likeminded professionals in private group settings
  • Discover inside connections that can help you land jobs and close deals
  • Post and distribute job listings to find the best talent for your company.”

LinkedIn provides opportunities for both companies and professionals looking for jobs a social network in order to connect. If a person is on LinkedIn they have a much better chance in finding a job then if they were not. This is one example of how social media benefits people seeking a job.

There are pitfalls of social media when a person is looking for a job. The social media network Facebook is one that helps people connect with people all over. One can talk to people that they have not seen in years and see what is going on in their lives. Facebook offers features as applications, which can be games or even silly quizzes. People can chat on Facebook and update what they are doing or what is on their mind. The feature that can get people in trouble when searching for a job is the fact people can upload pictures onto Facebook and anyone can view these photos. There is also a wallpost section and people can write whatever they choose. The Facebooker, of you will, can delete anything they do not like on the page, but what if it is too late and a future employer sees this information. The best advice that I can give for people searching for jobs on Facebook is to block everything. It seems like that would not be any fun anymore, but once a person is employed they can then monitor the book and no matter what a person is still connecting with others. Sounds like a win/win to me!


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