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Talking to friends on interning! It helps! March 11, 2010

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Internship advice is something that I really need and something I think that a lot of people in the PR field could benefit from. I am planning on doing an internship this summer and really want to get a lot about of the experience. Sometimes the best advice a person can get is from a friend. People can read articles about interning, but it may not stick unless a person that one knows is very forward and honest about the experience.

After talking to a friend of mine that interned last year, who does Public Relations, this was his advice to me. He asked that the place that he interned and him self be kept anonymous. He really wanted this because his experience was not the best of any interning experience. He did not learn much and really all they did was make him answer he phone. All in all the experience was a bore for him in his summer. The upside of the situation is that he got a really great reference to put on his resume and work experience. Some tips that he recommended were:

  • Make sure where you intern is an establishment that you could see yourself working in.
  • Try and find a place that you can get great work experience.
  • If you find a place you really like try and develop connections so maybe after it is all said and done you can get a job there.
  • Send a thank you note after your internship is done. This is professional and could provide a good reference for you in the end.

I talked to another friend of mine, Kristen Bixby, and her experience was quite the opposite. Kristen interviewed did advertising management and event planning and coordinating at a pilates studio in Los Angles. Kristen enjoyed the experience and even got to plan real events. Her experience was different from my other friend because she chose something that she was interested in and got to really get a feeling of what a job in Public Relations would be like. Some information that Kristen shared with me that everyone else may find useful is:

  • What people learn in their classes really does matter. Especially the writing classes that we take at Georgia Southern University. When a person interns if they are asked to write a news release they need to know exactly how it is done.
  • Do something that you like! It is a great chance to see what the business is really like. If you realize it is something that you don’t like then you can go a different way in Public Relations.
  • An internship is pretty much like a job.
  • It is a great place to really test your knowledge and show people what you have learned.
  • Pay attention! You are there for a reason!

After talking to my peers I think I have taken some great items to remember when I get to intern. I will remember all the items that they shared with me. Special thanks to my friend and hope that he has a better experience in the Public Relation world than interning. Thanks to Kristen Bixby too for taking the time to share this information with me! Hope it helped!


2 Responses to “Talking to friends on interning! It helps!”

  1. Jessica Cameron Says:

    Emily, I really enjoyed reading this post. The people I asked for advice about internships gave pretty much the same answers as your two people did. The biggest thing I think is to remember you are there to learn AND to work your butt off because this could potentially turn into a job. I am starting my internship in just a couple weeks and I plan on working my hardest while I am there. I am very excited yet nervous at the same time. I hope I am prepared to do everything that is asked of me!

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