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PR Comments for PRCA 3030 April 1, 2010

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1.)  Kati Ann Wright Kati Ann, Your Viral Video is just what I find humorous in one. I believe that you have captured what makes a viral videos one that people watch numerous times on youtube. People like humor and it is a great way to be recognized.By creating a funny way to get people involved you have brought social media together with humor. People could let loose and have a great time while you could as well while getting school work completed! Glad that you found a way to make school work fun and spread it along with people in Veazey Hall. Keep up the good work!

2.)  Kati Ann
Kati Ann Wright
I think it is great that you noticed all the public relations going around with Kate Gossilen and addressed it in this blog post. I would have never known that she was coming out with a new book if you would have not posted it. I have seen her on “Dancing with the Stars,” and she has been receiving a lot of publicity about this. If it is that she is mean on set, can’t dance, or even the harsh words that she is leaving her kids unattained at home. Sad story is she did get kicked off the dancing show last night as of April 20, 2010. Maybe another good blog post could be about her short dancing experience haha.

3.)  Kati Ann
Kati Ann Wright
I have to completely agree with you on why a viral video becomes popular. They have to funny and entincing to people. I also believe one of the other reasons that they spread like wild fire is because friends will post them on people’s facebook wall. From then other people see them and click on them and show them to friends. Result from this: Instant Classic. Though it is the humor that draws people like you and me to youtube videos there is something else that draws others in and like you I can not exactly put my finger on it!

4.)  Kati Ann
Kati Ann Wright
After reading your interview with your friend Brandi Wigley it is funny because like my own interview the first question is what a typical week is. The response I received was just as yours and that is that a week varies. I guess from this advice people in Public Relations can take note that no week will be typical. It is really cool too how she is working on that tour for Gone with the Wind. This also demonstrates how many cool and different directions that a career in Public Relations can take a person. I really enjoyed interviewing a PR professional and from your interview it seems that you did too! J

5.)  Kati Ann Wright
I enjoyed reading your explanation on Podcast. You really did a great job of explaining them. Like you a very short time ago I knew nothing about them. For a person who did not know anything about them I believe that you did a great job in explaining them. I also would like to thank you for that website. I took a look at it after I read the post and I too believe that it could be extremely beneficial to PR students. Though I loved your blog post, I must say that your cartoon at the top really added something! That is too funny!

6.)  Kati Ann Wright

I could not agree more with you about four square. It seems like a great and catchy idea, but do you really want someone to know where you are all the time? Four square seems to have gathered a strong following from people and they are embracing it with open arms. I would too, but I completely agree with the whole people knowing your every step. The best feature about the application that I see is if you are in an area and finding out places that people recommend. Especially is you trust that person’s opinion. Another great feature is that people can recommend places, but they can also spread the word of bad areas around town that one would not want to be caught up in.

7.)  Kati Ann Wright

I am glad that you addressed the issue of Tiger Woods on one of your connections. In this scandal I believe a Public Relation team would have to be extremely strong and good at what they do to keep Tiger’s image up to par (little golf joke J.) He had some a strong image before and was golf’s golden boy. With something like this it makes it hard for people to trust him again, which is an important quality in life and in golf. Since this post Tiger did compete in the Master’s and finished in the top five. I guess it is a person’s opinion if they want to still pull for him or not. Either way he is obviously still good at what he does.

8.)  Kati Ann Wright

I love your definition of social media in 140 characters or less. I probably like it so much because I too receive most of my information through social media networks! It is almost scary how much information that a person can learn about someone through social media networks. I also enjoyed Danny Brown’s that you choice to elaborate on. That is too funny! I don’t know how I missed that one when I was completing this blog post. The funny part about it is that everyone does get an equal shot in the race. My problem is sometimes I am just not as fast! That kind of leads to Professor Nixon’s as well about sometime loathing!

9.)  Jeremy Watruba

Viral Video
Jeremy Watruba
So I absolutely love your viral video! How did you come up with such a great idea! Who is that extremely smart individual in the green shirt that loves PRSSA! HAHA just kidding. On a serious note though it was really fun working with you on the viral video. I would like to comment as well another special thanks to Marilyn Lintel and Emily Roper for helping us out on the video. We could not have done it with you guys. To Watruba I know if you were not about to graduate you really would go join PRSSA since we were so good at convincing you!

10.)     Jeremy Watruba       I enjoyed this post because I am going to have to agree. Some people do not find certain things humorous as others do. It has to be a universal type of humor that brings people in. This is usually why children as “David after the dentist,” are such favorite on youtube. It is also true that the more that a person shares with friends on other social media sites the more people will see this post. I am stumped as to why people watch videos that are not funny, but different strokes for different folks I suppose. I am just kidding youtube can also be used to showcase different videos that are educational and interesting as well. It is just usually the humorous ones that get all the attention.

11.)               Watruba PR connection 5
Jeremy Watruba
I am glad that social media has helped you purchase a new beer making kit. On a serious note social media really does help in situation that people are unsure of. A lot of times I have had questions and will simply google them. This will cause problems sometimes because so  many different things will come up on that search engine. It is easy sometimes to use social media networks to get helpful advice. For example on twitter I can state something that I am having trouble with and any of my followers will respond with the answer. This way a person is getting feedback from people that they trust and getting the answer to their question.
12.) Jessica Cameron
I loved reading your interview with a PR professional. The only thing that scared me is that she really stressed taking the PR publication class. I have not taken this class so maybe it would be beneficial for me to go ahead and enroll myself into it this summer. It was nice to read that she doesn’t know what she would have wanted to know before entering the field. For her being a Georgia Southern graduate it seems like she was prepared for the business world and this gives me hope that I will too be prepared. Especially if I get into a publication class extremely soon!
13.) Jessica Cameron
I too have had a PR OpenMic and just am learning how to navigate it! Your post really helped me a lot in learning new ways to use the PR OpenMic. This was easy to follow because you used the bullet points on your blog to show the section on PR OpenMic. I never knew that there was a youtube section on the web site so I think it may be a good idea if we uploaded our podcast onto the website. All in all I believe that you really have a good understanding of the website and because I am learning your post really has helped me in working with the extremely important website.
14.) Jessica Cameron
Did you ever try out foursquare?? I am very interested because I wanted to try it out as well. I did not know if there were many places in Statesboro that were on foursquare so I would love to hear back your feedback. I agree with you on fouraquare. I did not know much about it before my topic of the week, but I had heard just a thing or two about it. It was funny because my interview with a PR professional from practicum actually brought up foursquare and how important it is in Public Relations to keep up with the new trends because they come up in conversation. It is a good thing we both learned and researched about it!
15.) Jessica Cameron
I completely agree with your post about social media being a friend and a foe. Yes, social media sites are extremely helpful in everyday life. We can use them to receive all different sorts of information and help us make connections in the business world. Your point about making sure what a person puts on a social media site is very important. I agree with you that this is when social media may become a foe. Someone else could have posted the picture and the person did not have enough time to “untag” the photo before the businesses got a hold of it. Once again I agree with you that it is everyone’s own responsibility to make sure there internet usage is clean.
16.) Jessica Cameron
Jessica! I really enjoyed this post. It really is a clear way to deliver information. Yes there are a lot of things not to wear when one is going on an interview, but your delivery made them very easy to read through. The items that were posted were very detailed as well. Though I would not be wearing a tie to an interview (haha) I now know they should be silk and a dark, shade of red. Another number that I found interesting was the fact that women should not wear much makeup. I will try and remember that one as well! Thanks for all the tips!!!
17.) Jessica Cameron
I am going to have to agree with you on Tiger’s apology. I am sure his publicist did in fact make him do this and not only that, but have someone write his speech for him. This makes the apology not as sincere. This also happened in the case of Chris Brown. His apology seemed very rehearsed and not from the heart. These people need to learn how to give a real apology. The problem with that could lie in the fact that they are not sorry for their actions what so ever and in that case they should not be made to apologize by publicist. I did like the fact that you posted the apology!!
18.) Meghan Beytagh
I remember when this domino scandal happened. Thanks for posting the New York Times article. I had not read this article, but I had seen the youtube video that was disgusting. I love that you addressed this issue. Dominos I believe has done a great job of really fixing their image after this happened. They have changed all their commercials and even the product that they deliver. I believe it has been a good change for them and that there Public Relations team really addressed the issue the best way that they could have. Great decision for one of your Public Relation posts!
19.) Meghan Beytagh
I LOVE this post because I completely agree with you!! Never in my life have I ever done more on the internet in my life. My knowledge from all these classes has expanded so much. You better believe I am still learning though, STILL! Your advice could not be better to make sure that any person is acquainted with these sites. I know I wish I was even though I use them all the time. It is funny because when I interviewed a Public Relation professional that was their advice to me. They said to know technology when coming into the PR field that is what stands out. So hopefully all of these classes will really turn out making some good for us!
20.) Meghan Beytagh
This was a very helpful post for me about LinkedIn. I have been on the site for awhile, but have not known all the applications that there were to discover. I did not know that you could get recommendations and post them on the site. This would be a great idea. I am glad that I am aware of this because now while I am still on campus I can ask professor for recommendations and post them on my account. Before I would have to wait for them to email me, but I would much rather have that personal affect when I walked into their office and had a discussion. Thanks for posting and not to mention the youtube video that went along with the post was super!
21.) Meghan Beytagh
Unpaid internships are annoying. Yes a person is receiving a lot of experience, but really it is like free labor. It is funny because I never really thought of how it is actual work until I had a discussion with a man on an air plane to New York. He was talking about how unfair it was and then I started to think about it…. Well yes it is! I agree completely with this post and love how you added information to back up your post. It really is an idea that people should begin to think about and maybe even change.
22.) Meghan Beytagh
I really enjoyed your interview! It is funny because I use to attend Savannah Christian Preparatory School and my best friend’s mom actually held that position! Small world, huh! Well any ways what really caught my eye about this interview was how important she said writing was in Public Relations. I feel like this is a great thing. We have been prepared to write in so many different ways. As PR students we have to write research papers, news releases, PSAs, BLOGS, and so so so much more. I am glad to say that I have been prepared to write so many different outlets of information because it seems it will come in handy.
23.) Meghan Beytagh
I enjoyed reading this post. I am trying to do an internship this year and this helps a lot. I like how you were very achieving in your advice with make sure that you can learn something out of the internship. Most people just do enough to get by and interning is a crucial time in a person’s learning experiences. I feel like any internship that I chose I should put all my effort into it because it will be the only on hand experience that I can put on a resume. People need to remember that as well. Internship are work experience on resumes and if people do an amazing job chances are the place of interning will give back an amazing recommendation!
24.) Meghan Beytagh
I was wondering if you would address this PR blunder. I believe that while in deed Toyota had a terrible time with these recalls because it was a big mistake they did a great job of turning it around. It was indeed the talk of the town, so to speak, for awhile there, but they addressed the issue correctly. At first I feel like they really did not know what to do. Next there was a message from the United States President of Toyota addressing the issue. Finally came the commercials that were about the past and how great they had been. People make mistakes and Toyota did a great job of fixing them.
25.) Meghan Beytagh
I completely agree. Podcasting can be the future. As Jeff said it is a cheaper way then radio and for the masses. I am glad that in my social media class that we have had an opportunity to work with podcasts. With this experience we will all be able to go into the PR world and if we need to make a podcast. The chances are that we will need to because it is such a growing technology.


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