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Career Fair April 16, 2010

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Career service seminar event that I attended was the Eagle Expo at the RAC. The career fair was just like any other, the difference was me. Before I had attended the career fairs and was just walking around to se what was going on. Now I go and I am on a mission. Now the career fair seems so much more intimidating. Everyone must be on their “A” game. I made sure to take all of the information that I learned in Practicum and apply it to what I was doing there. After blogging about interviewing, what to wear, what not to wear, and what to bring, I let these items guide me. I really needed to be prepared as if the career fair was a job interview.

Another thing that this class really prepared me for when I traveled to the career fair was I had an edited resume ready. After this class I know now what a cover letter is and what exactly needs to go into a resume.  I was confident in my resume when I handed it to people because now I know that I am well educated in the subject of resumes. The new resume that I am working on is the social media resume. I am excited to have this just in case a business wants to see it when I apply. Social media resumes are great ways to stand out in the crowd and showcase any work that a person is especially proud of. Technology is a big deal in the area of Public Relations and a social media resume is something that illustrates that a person knows how to use technology.

Another item that I gathered at the career fair is to take notes. For any person who has never been to a career fair always bring a note pad. It is a great way to jot down names and emails or just information that you may want to remember. It even adds to the professional look that everyone should be going for. There are some note pads or clip boards in the school book store that is perfect for this time (a regular will do just fine, but may look good to have a school one.)

At the particular career fair I went to there were all different types of booths set up and it is great to talk to everyone if there is time. It is a smart idea to find all the businesses that will be at the career fair before and try and find them while they are there. This way you can get plenty of time to talk to them. For example the first career fair I ever attended I enjoyed talking to Target and the Westin hotel. When I went back this year I made sure to find them first and have my resume ready to give to them. Even if they are not hiring at the moment, if you make that connection with someone then you can email back and forth with them creating a network connection. If a job ever opens up maybe they will remember you and inform you about the position.

To find a career fair near you use National Career Fairs.com


2 Responses to “Career Fair”

  1. kbixby1 Says:

    Hey Em!
    I attended the Career Services Career Fair too. I was not that impressed with it. Simply because I felt that the companies that were there were mostly for education and business majors. I feel like so many times that the Communication Arts Department is well represented at those type of events. However, I did get to talk to some companies. It was a good time to practice talking to professionals and representing myself. And like you said putting on my “A Game”. I know with the upcoming months, I have to be prepared for interviews and have my “A Game” on all the time. Thanks for the great blog! 🙂

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