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Four square is a new ball game…. April 20, 2010

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From what I have gathered foursquare is a new social media site. I am no pro at it, but I do see the pros and cons of the website. Foursquare is a website that people can join and gather what is like followers on twitter. First a person must download the application onto their mobile device. Once one has the application they must “check in”. By checking in a person can tell friends where they are going and see where their person are. One can also share features of the places so others that may be intrigued will join or visit the business soon. On foursquare people say where they are going and if they go to this place enough they become what is called the “major”. If a person is nominated as the “major” they are the person that frequents the area. The area could be anything as a restaurant or store. People can earn badges for being a person who goes there the most. The pro of the website is one can ask for an expert’s opinion. The expert would be known as the major. If a person is in the area they can see where people are going and know that it is a place they would like. People can also inform people to stay away from certain areas that they are in because those areas could be a bad part of town. The site is creative for businesses because it is free publicity and advertising. On the foursquare website there is even a place they can reward their customers for the buzz. The problem with foursquare that I can see would be stalking issues. There are already enough problems on the internet as it is, but people knowing where a person is going at all times seems as if it could create some problems.


2 Responses to “Four square is a new ball game….”

  1. Jeremy Says:

    It’s crazy how I just heard about Foursquare a couple of months ago and it’s already spreading so fast in big cities, I guess that’s how social media works. It seems that in a small town like Statesboro, groups of friends are so tight-knit already that an application such as Foursquare may not stick. I know when I go to bars or restaurants, I pretty much already know everyone that’s going to be there. I would be curious to see how Statesboro would handle this phenomenon. Also, I agreed with the security issue of this. There are some people that I just don’t want knowing where I am.

  2. meghanlane Says:

    Hey Emily,
    I have recently joined foursquare and I thought that it would be like gaining members the same way, but in actuality it is more like getting friends on facebook. People have to ask you to be their friend. Foursquare.com advises people to be cautious of who you accept as you friends because all of these people will have access to the information you post… like your location. I even read where someone had obtained a mayor badge for a couch at a local BP gas station. I think that it’s kind-of a fun site and I’m waiting for more people to catch on.

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