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Humor in a VIRAL VIDEO IS THE KEY April 20, 2010

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Viral videos are a funny thing. Everyone begins to talk about them and share them on different social networks. Most of the ones that catch my eye are ones that are humorous. It is funny how some people will post just about anything on the web, especially on you tube. Some of the post I believe people don’t even think will become a hit, but somehow they do. I even have heard that a person can gain money from posting videos. The news show that I was watching explained that advertisers will pay money to be on the pages that receive the most hits. This shows a lot about social media. It demonstrates that advertisers are involved and also how the media will get involved with certain videos and discuss them. “David after the dentist”, for example was a video that I heard through the media. The discussion was about was it okay or not okay for the parent to exploit their child like that. With these videos it really all is in good humor. Everyone laughs at the videos that are posted. It is up to you to post them or not. Another characteristic about viral videos is that they appeal to everyone. People can find different videos that they suit their personal humor. With viral videos they are not always about humor though. Sometimes they can inform people about issues in the world in a manner that makes people want to listen. Viral videos are a way to express creativity or humor. It is about how they appeal, touch, or make people laugh that makes them such a viral video hit in the beginning. If any person feels anything about one of these videos they will want to share them making them huge like “david after the dentist”.

My Favorite Videos Soon to Come… They are just silly…


8 Responses to “Humor in a VIRAL VIDEO IS THE KEY”

  1. hhiggs87 Says:

    I agree with you. Humor is a major factor in whether or not a video goes viral. People love to laugh and they love the “cuteness factor.” If you can give them both in a video and throw in a splash of relatable aspects, then you have the perfect recipe for a viral video. Like you said, people find different things funny. So, what one person may like may not be popular with others. I think this is where the relatable aspects and the cuteness factor play in. Everyone loves to see a little child doing something cute or funny and most people can relate to it. That is why I think you need all three to have a viral video.

  2. Jeremy Says:

    I could already tell by reading the title that I would agree with your post. Viral videos have to be funny. In my experience I have found that I am much more likely to spread a video if I feel like my friends will find it funny too. As far as the whole ethics part of your post, I agree that people shouldn’t get mad about everyone seeing their videos if they’re the ones that posted it. They made the decision and agreed to the video site’s publicity conditions. I’m not being insensitive to these people’s feelings, just telling the truth.

  3. meghanlane Says:

    Hey Emily,
    I loved the video it cracked me up. That entire show is funny. I agree with you about for a video to go viral I think that humor is key. All most all of the viral videos that I know of have a humorous aspect to them. About people making money from viral videos, I know that the video “David at the Dentist” offer you a chance to but promotional items like t-shirts and other things when you go to watch the video. I’m also really glad that you addressed that some of these videos exploit kids.

  4. micaelacarter Says:

    Hey Emily,
    I really enjoyed watching your video it really made me laugh. But as we all know, we only continue to watch and refer the videos that are funny to us. I find it hard sometimes to get off of YouTube, because it always keep me laughing! But like you said all viral videos are not funny, there are serious ones that help get messages out, or ones that people create for charities too. I have really enjoyed reading all your posts this semester, have a good summer!

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  6. kbixby1 Says:

    Hi Emily!
    I read your blog about Humor in a Viral Video. I can’t agree with you more about how when the video is funny that everyone laughs at them and then shows them to their friends. I can’t tell you how many times I have watched a video that my friends were talking about or had posted on their facebook page. I literally watch them all the time. Check out this video, it is called Roller Babies. It is one of my favorites and it is absolutely hilarious!

    P.S.- I think that the David and his dad were even interviewed by Oprah because their video got so many hits! I love that video too! Hope you enjoy this one!

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