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Importance of Podcasting April 20, 2010

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Public relation students could benefit from listening to podcast in many different ways. After interviewing a PR professional it was brought to my attention how important technology is in the PR field. That was some of the best advice that I received. If a student is skilled in technology with social media they will have a better chance of receiving a job over a person that is not. This is also something that the class social media has taught students. The best way to learn something for a lot of people is to watch and learn. If students took the time to watch PR podcast they could learn a thing or two about PR and use it later in the field. Not only could they learn something, but they could also gain great ideas and use them later on their own podcast. This week was the first time that I personally had ever attempted to create a podcast. The podcast that my friend and I made was about the differences from twitter and facebook. Both of the sites are amazing ideas and preferred by many people, but people prefer some over others. Even though our podcast was silly because it was our first attempt someone who knew nothing about these subjects (they would have to be living under a rock) could possibly learn something. The same goes for PR majors learning from PR podcast. If a student listens to them all it can do is expand their knowledge of public relations. This will benefit them later if they are on an interview and the conversation comes up. With the particular podcast that I was involved in it even expanded my knowledge of certain technologies. A flip camera was used and now in the future I can use this technology for pleasure or business and as I stated earlier I have learned how important technology is in the public relations world. Shownotes are also an important factor in podcasting. Without making my own podcast I would have never known was shownotes were, but now I am prepared if I have to create them later.


One Response to “Importance of Podcasting”

  1. meghanlane Says:

    Hey Emily,
    I really enjoyed this post. I thought that it was interesting how you related the importance of podcasting to the field of public relations. I found it interesting how podcasting can benefit people like us who are soon to be graduates and entering the public relations field. I think that podcasting is something that we will need to know about and use out in the working world. My attempt at creating a podcast was the same way as yours. I had such a blast picking things out to use in it and just making it. I hope my next one is the same way.

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