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Social Media… To Use or Not to Use…??? April 20, 2010

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Beginning this semester the first week we were told to blog about what social media we were involved in. Mine consisted mostly of social networking. Here is a list of the social media I was involved in before with a brief description of how it was used.

  • Facebook– My main addiction began as what is known as facebook. On the social media site it created a way to connect with friends and exchange photos along with comments. Facebook has now grown to a place where people can chat and pay games as well.
  • Twitter– Twitter is also a great place to post what is going on with you at the moment and share things with friends. Twitter is different because of the 140 characters, but still serves as a great place to network. Personally I have found that it is the place to connect with other PR majors and not to mention see what is up with one’s favorite celebrities.
  • Linkedin and PR open mic- I had accounts, but no idea how to use them. Now I do 🙂

After this class

  • Podcasting-  Never thought in a million years I would ever pod cast. After this semester I can now see that it is a new way of relaying information and a technology that should be known by PR students. Never thought I would admit it, but it was pretty fun too!
  • Blogging- I had never blogged before this class and look at me now. Yes, my blog is not the greatest one, but I am blogging. It serves as a great way to discuss with others and find out what is going on.
  • Viral Video- I made a viral video!!! It was a fun experience and it is something that I can be proud of. It is nothing embarrassing like a silly video on youtube, but instead an informative video.

10 Responses to “Social Media… To Use or Not to Use…???”

  1. Sarah Kemp Says:

    Hey Emily-

    I would have to agree 100% that I mostly was only involved in social networking before getting into my PR classes too. I think LinkedIn and PR Open Mic are great tools that I have just started getting really involved in. Now I can see that social networking, like blogging, can really help in the real world. After my internship last summer when I was able to teach a client how to use wordpress, I saw how all of this practice really does help! I really enjoyed your podcast, I have never done one before, so maybe we can sometime together!

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  3. i feel that same way as you do with pod casting!. I have never pod casted before. I can see that it is a great way of getting information to others. I will just have to get better with this. It is definetely apart of social media!. I look forward to learning more about pod casting!. By the way I love your layout of your blog!.

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  5. Jeremy Says:

    This reminds me of our Facebook vs. Twitter Podcast where you are 100 percent for Twitter and I’m that much for Facebook. That was a fun video to make because we were both able to just talk about things we already knew about. I also like your comment, “Never thought in a million years I would ever pod cast.” But you did, and enjoyed, crazy huh? I’m right there with you on blogging. It’s so hard to get used to maintaining this thing. I now see the value of tackling it bit by bit instead of letting it pile up on me.

  6. meghanlane Says:

    Hey Emily,
    At the beginning of this class, I was the same way. I mainly used facebook. I had heard about some of the other social networking sites, but had no idea how to use them. This class has offered me the opportunity to learn about some of the newer social networking sites such as Foursquare while also enhancing my knowledge on the ones that I was already participating in. During this semester I have learned how to create a facebook fan page, something that I have already used for a client of mine within the past few weeks.

  7. micaelacarter Says:

    Hey Emily,
    Thats funny what you said about the social networking sites you were apart of before this class, because those are the same ones I knew about to. And we also have the new ones in common as well. I think that this class really has jump started our preparation for what we need to expect when we are in the real world. That time is approaching so quickly, I’m not sure if im ready for this social media explosion.

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  9. kbixby1 Says:

    Hi Emily!
    I read your blog about Social Media. I can’t agree with you more about things you never thought you would do. I have also learned great information from this class about social media and social networking. I have had a facebook account, but after this class I started a Twitter account, Linked in profile and started my own blog. It is a whole new world of information that I think will be very useful in our professional. I am still learning how to master my skills, but I am excited that I have a basic understanding of how to use all of these social media outlets.

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