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Entertainment from Mann April 21, 2010

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Learning from Mann

  • After watching the video with Kneale Mann it seems as if he has a lot of energy and positive things that he knows and wants to share about social media. He seems like he would be the right person to be in contact with because he seems to have his hand in a little bit of everything. What I learned from the interview is how he claims to have been doing social media his whole career. This surprised me because it seems as if social media is a new thing on the market that everyone is going crazy about. This could go back to a prior blog post when we were asked to define social media in 140 characters or less. Social media can be different to all people. As Professor Nixon stated in the video, “People have always been social.” This is true. Social media is what people make it. Mann also talked about the change in Public Relations and how it has changed with the social media. On this subject he always discussed an overlap in the two. I also learned how people need to appreciate all the activities that come with Public Relations. Before I began this class I had never blogged before. Now I have a new appreciation for blogging and this is how it should be. From Mann I learned even if something is new or unfamiliar in Public Relations a person must respect the application.

Learn more from Mann

  •  What I would have wanted to know more about from Mann was something that he mentioned in the introduction. In the introduction he mentioned people question what to do if one would like a facebook page, but is working for a company. I would like to go more in detail with this subject because I am facing that problem.

 Surprised by Mann

  • What surprised my from the interview was the claim that from blogging a person can become a better writer. People think a blog is just something that a person can share what they are feeling at the time. A blog really can create a place to share information on important issues and according to Mann really improve a person’s writing skills.

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