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PR OpenMic Benefits and Cool Features! April 21, 2010

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PR OpenMic, is a social network that has many different things to offer students, faculty, and companies. It is a site that helps people communicate with within the Public Relations world and it is a nonprofit organization. I have had a PR  OpenMic account since my PR Research class and have never taken the time to operate the site. After operating the site for Social Media it has come to my attention that the site offers some great opportunities for Public Relation students graduating.

The social network for one does a great job of keeping their members updated. They are constantly sending emails to inform students what is going on. Another great thing about the site is a person can join a group that updates open internships and jobs in the Public Relation field. To find this group it is easy to navigate as well. Once a person has joined and logged in there is a section for the group on the right side of the page. The website now has 6,000 members that have been recorded. This is a great way to network with others in a person’s same field. People can also find people in their area that are on PR OpenMic. There is a google map on the website so one can view the geographical area of people using the site. This is helpful if a person just graduated and wants to move somewhere people are in Public Relations they can look at good geographical areas on the map.

With PR OpenMic people can connect with people that have the same business interest as they do. It is similar to other social networking sites because a person can customize their page and add pictures. The great thing about PR OpenMic is it is really benefiting Public Relation practitioners and students when they join.


3 Responses to “PR OpenMic Benefits and Cool Features!”

  1. meghanlane Says:

    Hey Emily,
    I agree with what you said about PROpenMic keeping their members updated. I am a member and am receiving constant updates about interesting posts. The coolest thing about the site is that it was started at a university. I think their knowledge about student life might have to do with how good of a job they are doing. I recently read a post about how unpaid internships might be considered illegal. As a soon to be graduate I have a feeling that I will be using this site to keep in touch with what is going on in the field.

  2. kbixby1 Says:

    Hi Emily!
    I read your blog about PR OpenMic. I have never heard of this social network. It sounds very interesting and neat. I am always glad to see when Public Relations Professional creates a network where we can all communicate within the world of public relations. I am going to save this site that way later I can find out more on how to become a member and use it to benefit me. Thanks for finding out and reporting on the PR OpenMic! It is also great when PR students do some research and find out about great stuff like this! Thanks Em- Kristin

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