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Comments for Practicum April 23, 2010

Filed under: PRCA 3711/PRCA 4711 — eroche1 @ 6:19 am

1.)    Meghan Beytagh

Hey Meghan! I really enjoyed this video that you posted. It really does make social networking seem so easy. The concept is an easy one, but some people just can not get it. I think this video would hell a lot of those people out. I wish I would have seen this video before I posted my blog on Social Media Friend or Foe? I believe it would have helped me because it really does break down social media to the bare essentials. By breaking down social media it can really show the positives. Great video! Thanks for sharing!

2.) Candice Hall

Great advice! If I could only count the amount of times that I have not checked my email and it has messed things up in one way or another. Don’t worry you are not the only one. In honesty though it is very good advice. I have not interned yet and I am planning on it. After I read this I will seriously make sure to check that email over anything else. I am already bad about checking my own email so because of your post I will be checking anyone they give to me first. Even though you made a mistake at least you can share it with people and help them out in the long run. Besides I am sure you are still doing amazing!

3.) Meghan Beytagh

Meghan!! I love this video. I used it as one of my PR connections for social media too! I first viewed it in Professor Nixon’s PR research class and loved it. It is pretty amazing the facts that they put in the video. I was so impacted by the video when I thought of a PR connection this video is exactly the one I thought of. I made sure I went on youtube and found it. It really shows how social media is in fact a revolution and not just a fad. People always think that social media is going to fade away, but in all honestly how can something fade away that has become such a part of so many people’s everyday life. I am glad that you found the video too and are spreading the word of how cool of a video it is!

4.)    Meghan Beytagh

I love Kell on Earth! I first started following her from the television show The Hills when Lauren Conrad and some other girls on the show started working for her. I like the way she handles situations. It is pretty much get it done or get out. I feel like it is a good look into the PR world. It seems fast paste, which is something that I think I would like. Another observation is that a person in PR may want to make sure that they have pretty tough skin before entering into something as intense as Public Relations for the fashion world. I really like your comment also about how schools with PR programs see a growing amount of students in the field. I don’t know if that is a good or a bad thing for us. More competition? Or an industry that is continuingly growing that we want to be a part of.

5.)    Lawzta

I am the same way. I live on Facebook. If I am not on the computer, I am on my phone. I actually use Facebook more on my phone than anything else. I am interested too to see how this “like” thing goes. I am glad you brought it to my attention haha. I know that sometimes between the fan pages and the events and the groups I get a little lost so making it where it is just something that people “like” I think will be a lot easier. Let’s face it, Facebook is not what it once was. It has grown to middle schoolers and parents friend requesting us. I definitely agree the simpler the better. Great idea for a PR connection! You can talk about something that you love!

6.)    Candice Hall

This is so true. For the longest time I would not let my father have a Facebook page. Finally, I gave in and now he is in love. Even though he is older than the age group of parents that you are discussing he is still right in there and loving it. Social media is such a great thing. People of all ages can enjoy it. People as my father’s age are being able to connect with people they have not seen I decades. It is also great to hear that private schools in Savannah are using social networks to their advantage. I went to a private school in Savannah and they were always playing it pretty, “old school.” Glad to know they have joined the world!

7.)    Candice Hall

Candice! I get this all the time. I am always like how do you not know what Public Relations is! Then I think to myself well??? It is relating to the public right? No, but really I am in the same boat as you are. It is really a hard major to describe because it is so many different things. It can get confusing as well with all the different courses that we take. There is a mix of journalism, marketing, advertising, and then not to mention communication studies. It can get pretty exhausting. Thanks for the definitions though. I will definitely refer to them next time I am asked, “Well what exactly is Public Relations?”

8.) Sarah Kemp

Careers in Public Relations are endless! I feel like one could go to so  many different directions with this major there is anything from entertainment PR to PR events to what I know you want to do and do some sort of PR for a college. I am glad that you addressed this issue in one of your PR connections. The common theme that keeps arising when talking about jobs in Public Relations is writing. By reading other people’s blogs, having a interview with a PR professional, and watching videos as this one, I feel like writing is going to be extremely important once we get jobs. Better keep those APA books!

9.) Sarah Kemp

You have got to love those women at the phon-a-thon! I should have known that they were up at the front using twitter! This is pretty neat though. I am glad that you brought it up. It is hard to believe that someone’s job could consist of them sitting back and twittering. With technology these days they could be anywhere they wanted as well. They could be sitting on the beach using twitter to update people on their mobile device. Now that is the kind of internship that I want. The only thing missing in your post is where can I sign up?

10.) Sarah Kemp

In response to this post and Jeremy’s comment. I was next to Allison when she received this call from Ethel. Ethel had forgotten her check book and wanted to donate one million dollars. Oh Watruba is so silly. As much as I complain about taking 4 hours out of my busy week to do phone-a-thon it was actually really fun. It is so exciting to get another Phi Mu on the phone who wants to donate. The Phi Mu on the other line can be as far a California and they are actually happy to talk to you. I even spoke to a woman who donated 100 dollars and she told me all about her new born baby girl. It was neat making that connection over the phone.

11.) Sarah Kemp

that is too funny. I wish I could get Bitsy and Buddy to do that! Anyone reading they are my two miniature dachshund puppies that are still learning EVERYTHING! I am so glad you shared this video. It is funny because just the other day I was writing a blog on what makes viral videos so huge. All I could come up with is the humor in the video that is so funny. It is always great when something like that is captured on a television show and turned into a viral video. This way for people that missed it like me can still enjoy and laugh over the funny experience. Once again thank you social networks!

12.) Sarah Kemp

AHH! That is so scary. I have heard about this going on before. It is so terrible how people will use sites that are helping people to harm people. It is people like that in the world that gives social networking sites a bad reputation. I suppose you are right people do just need to be smart. The sad part is that people are so trusting because they would never do something like that. I hope that the publicity that this story gets is enough for someone to never do anything like this ever again and for people to watch out for this sort of thing!

13.) Allykup123

Hey Ally! I am going to have to agree with you on this. Even though there are so many things on social media networks that employers could see and cut you right then and there, there are so many positive aspects to social networks as well. I am glad that you posted that website. I think it is something that everyone should look at and try to follow when trying to get a job. It is hard enough to get a job these days and all anyone needs is one bad picture following them around for the rest of their lives.

14.) Marilyn Lintel

Hey Marilyn!

That is too cool that they responded to you. I always saw them on the Kardashians and I think it is so great that they got their own show. Entertainment Public Relations is such a neat industry and I know it is something that you are very interested in. What a great way to get your foot in the door by using a social networking site that Twitter. You never know where one tweet could lead you. I agree with you that social networks are so great for entertainment PR. I think that is one of the greatest things about Twitter. Not only can you network, but you can also find out all the celebrity gossip at the same time! Not a bad deal!

15.) Marilyn Lintel

I love that you posted all the safety tips on your blog. HAHA. Really though it is a good thing to share with the world. The one that caught my eye the most was the number that talked about if someone is in the back of the car with a gun to your head. This always scares me and I constantly am checking the back seat of my car because of these types of emails. The best thing about this is I have never thought or heard to run your car into something. It is a much better idea than to having driven off with a man with a gun. I would rather have my life than a car!

16.) Marilyn Lintel

I am going to have to agree with you. I saw this movie in theaters with my mom and dad. We saw the Di Vinci Code together as well and decided to try this one out too. I actually enjoyed this movie a lot more. I agree again that it had more action and not to mention it had me guessing until the very end. I also like that you have some fun stuff on your blog. Kudos to you for it not only being topics of the week. I feel like I have read too many and I am really enjoying you blog! It is fun commenting on other stuff like this. Maybe I will do some more entertainment blogs like this when school is finally over!

17.) Marilyn Lintel

Celebrities can really be so powerful. It is crazy how people will watch a show just because their favorite celebrity is on it. I am guilty as well. Just as I know that you watched “Ellen,” that day just because Robert Patterson was on the show. Celebrities are a big part of Public Relations. The best part is how many celebrities will use their power for good. With so many natural disasters going on in the world today it is great to see celebrities stepping up and helping out. Though people should want to donate even if George Clooney isn’t answering the phone it does help people to call. I think this is really cool.

18.) Jeremy Watruba

Ever since you showed me this video I believe that I have posted it on a couple people’s Facebook walls. I guess that is what we have been talking about, what makes viral videos grow so large. There is a perfect example. What attracts me to the video is not only is it hilarious, but the kid can actually sing a little bit. I mean he sure tries to hit those notes at least. A lot better than what I would be able to do. Another highlight in the video are the little, “don’t pay attention to this part,” parts. Too funny I am glad you shared it with others as your PR connection.

19.) Jeremy Watruba

This is a perfect idea for a PR connection. Not only is the video funny, but it also provides the viewer with valuable information. For example, “Public Relations 101, do your homework.” This is so true. Even if the person one is interviewing is not a well known individual at least try to make them feel special and if not for that reason it is your job and you should be professional. It is pretty funny that he admits that people in the media have egos as well. It definitely helped the video that there were some clips as Ron Burgundy too!

20.) Jeremy Watruba

I too need a website that is user friendly. I am learning here and becoming quite impressed with my blogging skill is I may add. Just a joke still have plenty to learn, but I have come miles since where I begun. I am glad you found this website and that you found it useful. Dr V.’s claim about PR involving into ethics, technology, and education I will have to agree with. Technology is a huge part of PR and without the education one may not be able to access all the technology available. Ethics also come into play with technology with items as social media sites. It is all related in one big PR world.

21.) Kati Ann Wright

Love your blog post Kati Ann! I have been following Jessica Simpson’s show and I say rock on! She has been through a lot and I think she is on the right track with this show that she has and trying to find inner beauty. I also have to agree with the Dove campaign. I love them. After the first one aired a couple super bowls ago I wanted to cry because the commercial was so sweet and I wanted to donate money right away. Society can have a distorted image of beauty, but people have to realize that it is what we teach the younger generation that can change how people view beauty. With campaigns like Dove’s and shows like Jessica Simpson’s seems like we are on the right track.

22.) Kati Ann Wright

This website seems great! I am so glad that you mentioned it in a PR connection. I feel like there are so many different cool things on the internet and it is great that we can all share them with one another through blogging. I know I am going to need all the help that I can get so this website sounds perfect. I know that you stated that is was a growing website, but with such a great idea and Public Relations growing so rapidly like it is, I am sure the website will grow in no time at all. I will definitely continue to look at it.

23.) Kati Ann Wright

I am about to become alumni too L It is crazy how people can come to college and meet so many amazing people then have to walk away. When you meet people from all over it isn’t like high school. High school all your friends live around you, but after college some of the people that I met from Phi Mu will be dispersed throughout the country. I am glad that you shared all your experiences. I know I have had too many to count, as you probably have to. It is sad leaving this chapter behind, but it is interesting as well. I will be filling out my alumni forms for Phi Mu next week so I know exactly what you are going through. It seems like just yesterday we were all going through rush.

24.) Kristin Bixby

Hey Kristin! I read your blog on internships and I want to thank you so much for helping me with mine. I know you know that I haven’t had an internship yet, but thanks for giving me some time for you to talk about yours. From everything that you told me and this blog post it seems like you had a great time and got to participate in some really exciting things! I hope I am as lucky as you are when I intern. I know that you took a lot away from the experience and that is exactly what I want to do as well!

25.) Jessica Cameron

Love your viral video picks! I am going to have to say that, “Scarlet takes a tumble,” is one of my personal favorites. I watch so many of them and then I forget about them. Thanks for reminding me about this classic video. The clown Beyonce one I have seen before too. It is pretty funny, but I will say it is a bit scary. Haha. I think we must have the same taste in viral videos. In my blog and in yours we both mention that it is humor that makes viral videos such a big hit. I think we should share more viral videos with one another in the future!


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