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Is Social Media Monitoring Ethical? April 21, 2010

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On the discussion about social media monitoring and if it is ethical one must first define ethics. What are ethics exactly? Ethics are different to each person. It could be based on how a person was raised or encounters that have occurred later in life. It is all up to a person.

With regards to social media monitoring it can I fact be ethical. People can monitor others while being extremely up front about it. If a person put something on the internet it is fair game to use this information. The stickiness of the situation arises when someone else puts something on the internet of someone. It can quickly try to be deleted by a person, but somehow it is always there haunting them on the internet. If someone is searching about information on the internet and uses a device to monitor as Raidian6 then it seems to be ethical.

When the situation turns to become something that is not ethical is when people are sneaking around the internet using false names. This is unethical in most people’s eyes because it is lying. To others it may simply be an investigation on who is about to be hired into their company.

After completing a few social media monitoring reports myself for PR Reseach and Social Media I was as if I was doing nothing wrong. I would set up google alerts and search sites as twitter and facebook or fan pages or not s fan pages. I was researching what people were saying about certain companies. People would the information on the internet so using it was not unethical. The unethical part once again is when people portray themselves as someone or something different on the internet in order t complete social monitoring. The question is really unanswered. In my opinion there are so many different items on the internet today that someone must monitor them, but it is the way a person does this and what their ethics are that make social media monitoring ethical or not.


Entertainment from Mann

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Learning from Mann

  • After watching the video with Kneale Mann it seems as if he has a lot of energy and positive things that he knows and wants to share about social media. He seems like he would be the right person to be in contact with because he seems to have his hand in a little bit of everything. What I learned from the interview is how he claims to have been doing social media his whole career. This surprised me because it seems as if social media is a new thing on the market that everyone is going crazy about. This could go back to a prior blog post when we were asked to define social media in 140 characters or less. Social media can be different to all people. As Professor Nixon stated in the video, “People have always been social.” This is true. Social media is what people make it. Mann also talked about the change in Public Relations and how it has changed with the social media. On this subject he always discussed an overlap in the two. I also learned how people need to appreciate all the activities that come with Public Relations. Before I began this class I had never blogged before. Now I have a new appreciation for blogging and this is how it should be. From Mann I learned even if something is new or unfamiliar in Public Relations a person must respect the application.

Learn more from Mann

  •  What I would have wanted to know more about from Mann was something that he mentioned in the introduction. In the introduction he mentioned people question what to do if one would like a facebook page, but is working for a company. I would like to go more in detail with this subject because I am facing that problem.

 Surprised by Mann

  • What surprised my from the interview was the claim that from blogging a person can become a better writer. People think a blog is just something that a person can share what they are feeling at the time. A blog really can create a place to share information on important issues and according to Mann really improve a person’s writing skills.

Guest blogger 2 April 20, 2010

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Once again I am going to use Meghan Beytagh as my guest blogger of the week. Awhile back Meghan wrote some advice on internships. I need this advice and I am sure others would love some too. Here is a link to her blog and a copy of the blog post! Hope you enjoy! Thanks so much Meghan!

March 29, 2010…6:50 pm

Internship Advice

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At most universities, before you can complete your public relations degree you must do an internship. An internship allows you to have a firsthand account working within the public relations field while still obtaining college credits. I am doing my internship over this coming summer and have been “hired” at Abshire Public Relations and Marketing in Savannah, Georgia. One person that I talked briefly about internships with is named Kara. She interned at Abshire Public Relations and Marketing while she was obtaining her degree at Armstrong University and now works at Abshire Public Relations and Marketing. The other person that I have talked to about this is Brittany Cook who is a soon to be Georgia Southern University graduate and did her Public Relations internship last summer.  

Brittany told me that one of the hardest things about completing your internship is finding a location that will “hire” you. I know at Georgia Southern University, we have an “approved list” of locations and can also request a different location. One thing that does help with this process is networking!

 A lot of the people that I have talked to also told me that making sure that the place in which you do your internship is also very important. You want to make sure that your site/company fits your career goals. One example that was given to me was that if you want to do event planning and hate social media then getting an internship where you are doing nothing but working with social networking sites isn’t the place for you to go. One other thing that you want to be aware of is…”is the location is going to help me build your portfolio?” You want to be able to actually work and learn. Not just sit there and do nothing. These are just a few tips for completing a public relations internship. Good Luck!



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Viral videos are a funny thing. Everyone begins to talk about them and share them on different social networks. Most of the ones that catch my eye are ones that are humorous. It is funny how some people will post just about anything on the web, especially on you tube. Some of the post I believe people don’t even think will become a hit, but somehow they do. I even have heard that a person can gain money from posting videos. The news show that I was watching explained that advertisers will pay money to be on the pages that receive the most hits. This shows a lot about social media. It demonstrates that advertisers are involved and also how the media will get involved with certain videos and discuss them. “David after the dentist”, for example was a video that I heard through the media. The discussion was about was it okay or not okay for the parent to exploit their child like that. With these videos it really all is in good humor. Everyone laughs at the videos that are posted. It is up to you to post them or not. Another characteristic about viral videos is that they appeal to everyone. People can find different videos that they suit their personal humor. With viral videos they are not always about humor though. Sometimes they can inform people about issues in the world in a manner that makes people want to listen. Viral videos are a way to express creativity or humor. It is about how they appeal, touch, or make people laugh that makes them such a viral video hit in the beginning. If any person feels anything about one of these videos they will want to share them making them huge like “david after the dentist”.

My Favorite Videos Soon to Come… They are just silly…


All a Person Needs to Know about Searching

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After reading an Edelmen Insights paper by Steve Rubel which was titled, “Search Engine Visibility” there were many things that I learned and many that were interesting to me.

  • What interested me the most was the statistics that were given by Nielsen online about search engines. For example the statistic that was most interesting was, “Eighty-nine percent of U.S. online adults use search engines, according to Pew internet” (Rubel, p.3). Another statistic was, “The average American visited 111 domains and 2,554 pages in March 2009, according to Nielson Online” (Rubel, p.3). This was all interesting to me because it shows how dependent Americans have become on the internet. One has to sit back and wonder how we knew anything before it evolved.
  • What I learned was how links will be on the top of a google page. I knew there had to be a method to the madness of what got to be the first link on the top of the search engine page, but I know now it is because of how much the subject is being discussed. The example was given that if something was being tweeted about a good bit and CNN caught wind of the tweets then they could post something and that would be the first link.
  • What surprised me was how twitter search is now more popular than google ews breaks. This just demonstrates how important social media networks have become especially twitter. I am surprised because google has always had such a large name, but not overly surprised because of the quickness of twitter. Not to mention one can follow anyone they would want to know anything about.
  • Learning more about something would be the keyword insights. Hoping to become a PR professional one day the articles believes that they should know exactly the way people search. In social media we have done an assignment that helped us develop those skills, but still I would like to master them.

The article was an entertaining article and provided some insight on search engines.


Social Media… To Use or Not to Use…???

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Beginning this semester the first week we were told to blog about what social media we were involved in. Mine consisted mostly of social networking. Here is a list of the social media I was involved in before with a brief description of how it was used.

  • Facebook– My main addiction began as what is known as facebook. On the social media site it created a way to connect with friends and exchange photos along with comments. Facebook has now grown to a place where people can chat and pay games as well.
  • Twitter– Twitter is also a great place to post what is going on with you at the moment and share things with friends. Twitter is different because of the 140 characters, but still serves as a great place to network. Personally I have found that it is the place to connect with other PR majors and not to mention see what is up with one’s favorite celebrities.
  • Linkedin and PR open mic- I had accounts, but no idea how to use them. Now I do 🙂

After this class

  • Podcasting-  Never thought in a million years I would ever pod cast. After this semester I can now see that it is a new way of relaying information and a technology that should be known by PR students. Never thought I would admit it, but it was pretty fun too!
  • Blogging- I had never blogged before this class and look at me now. Yes, my blog is not the greatest one, but I am blogging. It serves as a great way to discuss with others and find out what is going on.
  • Viral Video- I made a viral video!!! It was a fun experience and it is something that I can be proud of. It is nothing embarrassing like a silly video on youtube, but instead an informative video.

How do YOU see social media?

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After reviewing a list of 20 definitions of social media in 140 characters or less there were three that stuck out to me. These are the ones that I will review and share why…

  • @trevoryoung Social media is a catalyst for change – change in the way we connect with each other, change in the way businesses communicate with the world*

Social media is indeed changing the world one key stroke at a time. It is changing the way people act and do business every day. People can communicate with people that they have not talked to in ages or even communicate with people that they have never met and share the same interests. Not only is it changing the way people communicate with technology, but even the way people communicate in daily conversation. People cannot conversant without some conversation about a social media network. Believe me I have tried it and it is extremely hard not to talk about a social media network. They have been a new way of expanding our knowledge of all sorts, about people, businesses, and technology.

  • @EmilyCagle Adapt, answer, broadcast, collaborate, communicate, connect, create, engage, follow, lead, learn, listen, question, share

This definition was interesting to me because it was a different approach to defining the concept. A person must adapt to social media. They must answer to other on social media while broadcasting themselves. Social media creates a link for people to collaborate with one another, connect, with one another, and communicate with one another. It is engaging and it creates a position for people to lead as well as follow. People can listen and question while they share information in a different way that is new for everyone. Social media has in deed opened many doors and opportunities to do all of these words used.

  • @swonderlin Social media is a revolutionary tool – bringing thoughts & ideas together from every corner of the world and in all facets

Social media has in fact revolutionized the way people live their lives. It also has helped people connect that have not spoken in years no matter where they are in the world. I have not really thought of how worldly social media is, but it is in fact a worldly revolutionary way of communication.

  • My own definition of social media in the 140 characters would have to be: “Changing the way we think, communicate, and even the world one key stroke at a time.”